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“I want to thank you for your guidance in April, 2013. I was considering signing a loan deal with San Ramon to set up a solo practice. You were very skeptical, and largely on the basis of your counsel I did not accept the offer. I signed an agreement…”
- Joe Brandel, MD, San Ramon, CA

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The Doctors' Lawyer:
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Physicians' Advocates℠ is the nation's leading law firm specializing in the representation of doctors, medical groups and physician organizations. We advocate for physicians by providing a full range of transactional, regulatory and litigation services. Our unique expertise is based on our decades-long experience serving physicians, our specialized knowledge of health law, and our intimate understanding of the dynamics of the health care marketplace in the area of reform.

Advocating for you. Advancing the Profession.

doctor-groupPhysicians' Advocates℠ just represents doctors and their organizations. We do not represent health plans or hospitals. We are proudly dedicated to the medical profession and its practitioners, serving them without any potential conflict of interest. Our mission is to help doctors succeed individually and collectively, professionally and financially.

A partner for your professional life:
Every aspect, every stage.

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Physicians' Advocates℠ has helped establish and advise more medical practices and medical organizations than any other lawyers practicing today. The AMA's first book on Physician Employment Agreements was authored by Charles Bond. We are able to apply our experience and expertise, along with our strong strategic planning, to the creation of innovative organizations, such as ACOs, MSOs and Continuum of Care Consortiums ("COCOs"). We skillfully help you navigate the complex regulations and business relationships affecting modern medicine and your career. Physicians' Advocates℠ continues to be at the forefront of ground-breaking cases involving regulatory and licensure defense, medical staff matters, as well as anti-retaliation and whistleblower litigation. We serve doctors in every aspect of their professional life.

Charles Bond

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Charles Bond has over 40 years of experience in healthcare. He began his legal career as one of the lawyers representing the California Medical Association that wrote MICRA. Read More