Mr. Bond and the Physicians’ Advocates team have been very supportive of my career. Mr. Bond cares about his clients and has gone the extra mile for mile for me on multiple occasions. As physicians we are dedicated to helping our patients but sometimes we need help as well. There are many regulatory and legal challenges that physicians face, which we are not trained to tackle. It's reassuring to know that I have a highly qualified advisor that I can rely on when the need arises. I would suggest all physicians engage with Physicians’ Advocates team earlier on in their career even if just for an insurance policy."

- Primary Care Physician
I want to thank you for your guidance in April, 2013. I was considering signing a loan deal with San Ramon to set up a solo practice. You were very skeptical, and largely on the basis of your counsel I did not accept the offer. I signed an agreement with Bay Area Surgical Specialists in Walnut Creek instead, and they backed my practice in San Ramon.
It likely won't surprise you to learn that there was limited demand for an additional general surgeon in San Ramon. In fact, I was treated with naked hostility by a number of parties, and with indifference from most of the rest. If I had accepted the San Ramon offer I would likely be facing financial ruin at this point.
I'm not sure how much thanks you receive in your line of work, but know that I am truly grateful for your advice. Please keep doing what you do.
- Joe Brandel, MD, San Ramon, CA

Physicians' Advocates℠ are nationally recognized authorities on law for doctors. I trust them with all aspects of my practice.

- James Blackwell, MD, Livermore, CA

Charles Bond has been a trusted attorney and business advisor since 1989 when a colleague and I formed a partnership to contract with a local hospital to provide emergency physician services. Whether it concerned organizational structure, contract negotiation strategy, or issues related to personnel, Mr. Bond’s knowledge base was extensive, his priorities clear, and his advise worthy.

He has given considerable thought to complex issues relevant to the practice of medicine in today’s often confusing and dispiriting environment. His latest efforts to bring patients and physicians together around shared goals and incentives is an exciting alternative to hospital dominated foundations and more corporatized medical practices.

Mr. Bond brings to this venture a wealth of experience with physicians, hospitals and government, and a commitment to a future where medical care will be cost effective but patient and community centered, and not designed to enrich insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital executives.

- Marc A. Snyder, MD, FACE, San Francisco, CA

It has truly been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you and your staff. Without your special skills, the group would never have realized the successful agreement that you crafted. I would look forward to any opportunity the future may hold to collaborate together.

- Stephen Beissinger, M.D., Winter Haven, FL

In these trying healthcare times, having a physician advocate is a necessity. I have and will always trust Mr. Bond and his colleagues to successfully steer my career through dark waters. Mr. Bond and his colleagues, truly understand, and care about physicians' hurdles and plights. I could not have chosen a better physician advocacy group to work with as it gives me enormous peace of mind, knowing that they are in my corner. Thank God for Physician’s Advocates!

- General Surgeon, MN

I got your letters to friends re: my case.

They are super!

I appreciate your way with words.

Thank you.

- Anesthesiologist, TX

"The hospital received the Dr's fitness-for-duty letter from Mayo this morning and has moved swiftly to get him started back to work. [X] begins work Monday! We are so grateful for all you did for us. We do not believe it would have been possible for the Dr. to return to work without the excellent work of you and your firm. At this time we feel the Dr. is in a much better place with work and we have reached our goal for which we hired you. If there are any further issues in the future, we will not hesitate to retain you again for help. Your work has been a life saver. Thank you. And please express our gratitude to your staff."

- Family Medicine, IA

I actually enjoyed our conversation today greatly. Thank you so much for your time and care. CB has assembled an great team and despite my scattered approach to things, I feel safe and looked after.

- Dr. TY, Ph.D., N.P.